Are You Staging Your Business to Sell NOW or Are You Waiting Until After the Next Downturn?

About every eight years or so our economy goes through a downturn/correction. How old will you be when the next one ends? Do you have a well-designed exit plan? Smart entrepreneurs are staging the business for possible sale now, because they realize if they wait too long, the consequences may be very negative. The value you may receive IF your business can be sold will shift substantially if you have proactively started to prepare 2-3 years in advance. The formula is simple, in 2017 and ... [Click Here]

Your Career Fulfillment is Based on Your Happiness

On average, we have a lot more fun and get a lot more done on the day before we go on vacation. In November of 2010, a New York Times article cited a recent study by Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert and Mathew Killingsworth. They used an iPhone app to contact some 2,200 people and ask how they were feeling at that moment. Putting the sex part of the answers aside, the 50 percent who answered that they were focused reported significantly higher levels of happiness than the 50 percent of ... [Click Here]

Conquer Delegation or Else

DELEGATION- one of the most feared 10 letter words in all of the workplace. Why do people prefer to be overloaded, stressed, and in some cases stalled in their careers as opposed to embracing the concept of DELEGATION? Maybe it’s that, “nobody can complete the task as well as I can.” Or, “I don’t have the time to delegate effectively.”  If you are good at your job, people will want more from you; they will look for more of your time and assistance. But this can leave you overburdened with work ... [Click Here]