Articles by John Lankford

The Executive 5% Challenge

Time seems like an absolute kind of term. Ask a scientist. Go ahead, I'll give you a few minutes to get back to me. When you start talking to executives, however, the concept gets a bit slippery. Executives – and scientists, for that matter – are human beings, of course. As the pendulum of the grandfather clock in the corner faithfully swings without our consideration, people are having their own relationship with time. And it's an emotional one. Clocks measure time in terms of intervals – ... [Click Here]

Culture From The Ground Up

Sow some seeds and grow your business Mention the phrase corporate culture and you can almost hear the moans and envision a motivational poster. Yes, it might be a bit overused, but moaning at the mere mention of it is doing a lot to define the culture of your company. And, that may not be so good. You may think that only a Fortune 500 company may have the resources to invest in such a seemingly intangible concept. Instead, ask yourself what it might mean to a business that's focused on ... [Click Here]

The Leadership 360 Challenge

By: John Lankford What is the 360 System? It’s often referred to as the multi-rater feedback or multi-source assessment and usually comes directly from an employee’s work circle. Most often the feedback is from the employee’s subordinates, peers or colleagues and supervisors. It’s used as a self-evaluation tool also and in that case may include feedback from outside interested parties. 360-degree evaluations are instrumental in planning development and are often used as a review or evaluation ... [Click Here]