Articles by John Lankford

Sales – Three Part Demo

  John Lankford explains the most critical barriers to real sales growth. Master these 3 components and you can triple your sales production. ... [Click Here]

Four Business Reasons Every Executive Needs a Coach

Leaders agree that self-awareness is one of the major benefits of executive coaching. by John Lankford Because executive coaching is so important, we need to define the role it plays in corporate culture. Sometimes people refer to their corporate culture as “the way we do things around here; the way we feel and think; and the behaviors we demonstrate in our workplace.” Corporate culture is critical to a company’s success and needs to be fine-tuned. Executive coaching does exactly that. ... [Click Here]

Turning Coal Into Diamonds

  Building A High Performance Team How long has it been since you last looked at your training programs? Take a hard look and you may find that you are paying attention to only portions of your program. Take your executive training program and distill it down to the very essence of its focus. Do you end up with a gem – or a lump of coal? And how do you know the difference? This is the diamond standard: a training initiative that reaches across the entire management spectrum, from front ... [Click Here]