18 Ways to Double Your Referral System in Less than 120 Days

Word-of-mouth marketing, or getting referrals, is the most powerful way for 90 percent of business owners and sales teams to generate new leads. It’s also the most cost-effective, considering this is a purely unpaid form of promotion. Despite the fact that it’s an absolute win-win situation, and just about everyone counts on referrals, most do not have a documented referral system. That’s what I refer to as shooting one’s self in the foot, and I’d like to save you from that all-too-common fate. ... [Click Here]

How to Qualify Your Prospect

Top-performing sales professionals stand out for more than their numbers. They sell differently from their peers – that’s true. But they also do a lot of other things differently. They think, plan, manage their day and qualify prospects differently. If there’s one thing you can learn from those top performers that will improve your own record, it’s the process of qualifying a prospect. But why bother? The following list should help you understand why it’s critically important. Twelve ... [Click Here]

The Six Biggest Talent Mistakes CEOs Make

The executive search industry is rapidly growing due to the demand for leadership talent. The demand for top leadership talent is outpacing the supply of quality leaders. Perhaps the single biggest contributing factor is the lack of leadership development occurring in corporate America, thus the deficit. In 2014, one of the key industry trends Executive Search Firm President Todd Hohauser continually see is the desire for companies to establish succession planning. At Harvey Hohauser and ... [Click Here]

Revealed…..Executive Onboarding and Productivity Lessons

Avoid the Six Deadly Executive Mistakes That Can Derail Careers In today’s busy world, it’s not uncommon for executives to “shop around” for new career opportunities. It’s also not uncommon for successful businesses to try and romance executives away from their current positions. Yet, executive transitions are not really talked about as a real business process. It should be. Executives in many of the Fortune 500 companies I have coached in are expected to simply step in and be effective. This ... [Click Here]