The Answer is Leadership – What is the Question?

A New Book by John Lankford…

answer-leadership2016-3D“Lankford in his book makes it clear, Leadership is the answer, but unfortunately so many of us just do it wrong. John guides you, directs you and asks the tough questions in this incredible call to action book on Leadership. His experience along with outstanding empirical data makes you think on how your organization “does leadership”. He challenges you to make leadership purposeful and not accidental. I have read hundreds of leadership books, this one strikes at the core and gives tangible methods to create a leadership model that will take your organization to the next level. It is a must read for anyone looking to break out of the pack.”

-Dave Nemmers- President, Midstate Security Company”


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A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Creating a High-Performance Culture in Any Organization


Just a small percentage of business leaders are exceptional and consistently outperform their competition. It comes down to one word: leadership. Leadership is the answer to every business problem you’re facing. The quality of your leadership will be directly reflected in your company’s culture, employees, customers, profitability, and ultimately, future.

John Lankford wants to challenge the way business owners and executives think about running companies, getting them to understand what it’s costing them by not having a strategic plan to develop their current and future leaders. Having the right people in the right positions and making leadership development a priority, on all levels, will create the right kind of company culture that attracts top talent, brings in new business, and retains current customers.

In his book The Answer Is Leadership . . . What Is the Question?, Lankford presents his blueprint you can follow. He’ll show you what the best of the best are doing, and tell you how you can apply those same principles, processes, and systems to your own company, strategies that work regardless of company size. Results based, tested, and proven, this is a collection of best business practices that Lankford has learned through his 30-plus years of working with executives from Fortune 100 companies to small entrepreneurs.

Praise for the Answer is Leadership

“Leaders create the culture and the culture creates the results in any organization. John Lankford’s new book is a step-by-step guide on how to create a winning culture from someone who walks his talk.” —Orrin Woodward, Inc. Magazine Top 20 Leader, New York Times Best-selling author

“The Answer is Leadership promises a blueprint for leadership and delivers marvelously. John Lankford gives you the guidance every CEO needs about culture, planning and executing strategy, and developing top talent in practical, effective ways.” Andrew Neitlich, founder and director, Center for Executive Coaching

“John Lankford’s The Answer is Leadership goes beyond describing why leadership fails for so many organizations, and provides helpful assessments, steps, and recommendations for improvement.” —Joseph M. Tasse, FACHE, executive-in-residence, Sloan Program in Health Administration, Cornell University