Your Career Fulfillment is Based on Your Happiness

On average, we have a lot more fun and get a lot more done on the day before we go on vacation. In November of 2010, a New York Times article cited a recent study by Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert and Mathew Killingsworth. They used an iPhone app to contact some 2,200 people and ask how they were feeling at that moment. Putting the sex part of the answers aside, the 50 percent who answered that they were focused reported significantly higher levels of happiness than the 50 percent of ... [Click Here]

Careers, Your BRAND and The Ten Keys for Every Baby Boomer

It’s 2011, and the old rules suddenly no longer apply. Baby boomers have always lived the philosophy that hard work and perseverance will get them ahead. It’s a tenet that’s almost genetically coded in the generation. Now, however, that hard wiring needs to be reprogrammed. It’s not an easy switch, but it’s a critical one. It’s hard to ignore the necessity of reinventing your money-making strategy when entire industrial centers are struggling to reframe their identities. In Michigan, for ... [Click Here]

Career Security – These Days It’s All Up to You

In today’s economy, millions of people are quietly working the same full-time job: looking for work. It’s not what they went to school for, and it’s certainly not the trajectory they imagined their career would take when they first entered the work force. The term “career” has now taken on new meaning to most Americans. With the national unemployment rate at more than 10 percent, the word has been divorced from its partner “security.” As companies are being acquired, positions are being ... [Click Here]