Prepare Now-Benchmark the Nation‘s Best Practices for Developing Leaders

Add Value Now While Preparing for the Upcoming Downturn Attention: All CEO’s who seek a competitive advantage, you must tackle this opportunity now, to whether the upcoming downturn. Imagine for a moment that you could clone your top three managers. Then imagine another competitor steals the two best performing ones—they simply had a better offer than your current workplace. Now that would really perturb you. Right? Why can’t your recruiting system find you more great managers? The ... [Click Here]

The Emotional Side of a Business Transition

“For Sale… One of The Two Biggest Decisions of Your Life” Selling or transitioning a business can be as emotional as sending your youngest child off to college. Hundreds of thousands of baby boomers are about to be forced to make a transition decision for the legacy of their business…and they are not prepared. Your business has been an important part of your life for quite some time. And if you built your business from the ground up, you’ll immediately notice the similarity to raising a child. ... [Click Here]

Are You Staging Your Business to Sell NOW or Are You Waiting Until After the Next Downturn?

About every eight years or so our economy goes through a downturn/correction. How old will you be when the next one ends? Do you have a well-designed exit plan? Smart entrepreneurs are staging the business for possible sale now, because they realize if they wait too long, the consequences may be very negative. The value you may receive IF your business can be sold will shift substantially if you have proactively started to prepare 2-3 years in advance. The formula is simple, in 2017 and ... [Click Here]