Conquer Delegation or Else

DELEGATION- one of the most feared 10 letter words in all of the workplace. Why do people prefer to be overloaded, stressed, and in some cases stalled in their careers as opposed to embracing the concept of DELEGATION? Maybe it’s that, “nobody can complete the task as well as I can.” Or, “I don’t have the time to delegate effectively.”  If you are good at your job, people will want more from you; they will look for more of your time and assistance. But this can leave you overburdened with work ... [Click Here]

Succession – The Biggest Decision Impacting Your Future

The Boomer generation is aging and leaving the workplace fast. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce between 2011-2029, 10,000 Americans a day will turn 65. As a result, conversations about succession planning are happening more frequently. However, it’s one of those topics that is often just talked about then put on the back burner. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur or board member, a succession plan is a key piece of the puzzle to ensure the health and longevity of your ... [Click Here]

The Execution of Your Leadership Pipeline System

Your company’s future depends on it. In my 2015 book, The Answer Is Leadership, I made reference to the fact that approximatly 22% of the CEOs who make developing current and future leaders a priority (and that includes adjusting their budget to accommodate this), reveals their strong level of commitment. This number is too low. It’s time to invest effort and money into developing your leadership pipeline. The goal of this article is to help you manage the promoting and developing of your ... [Click Here]