Culture From The Ground Up

Sow some seeds and grow your business Mention the phrase corporate culture and you can almost hear the moans and envision a motivational poster. Yes, it might be a bit overused, but moaning at the mere mention of it is doing a lot to define the culture of your company. And, that may not be so good. You may think that only a Fortune 500 company may have the resources to invest in such a seemingly intangible concept. Instead, ask yourself what it might mean to a business that's focused on ... [Click Here]

The Leadership 360 Challenge

By: John Lankford What is the 360 System? It’s often referred to as the multi-rater feedback or multi-source assessment and usually comes directly from an employee’s work circle. Most often the feedback is from the employee’s subordinates, peers or colleagues and supervisors. It’s used as a self-evaluation tool also and in that case may include feedback from outside interested parties. 360-degree evaluations are instrumental in planning development and are often used as a review or evaluation ... [Click Here]

Who Should Be Running Your Company?

The three systems that can change your company’s future By: John Lankford   We all know that hindsight is 20/20. Every executive can easily spot errors or omissions when looking at situations in hindsight. But think about it. Shouldn’t foresight be 20/20 also? In a word, yes, it should be. Imagine the possibilities, and success, if executives used foresight on an ongoing basis in all aspects of their leadership and selection decision-making. Instead it appears to be the opposite with a ... [Click Here]