It’s All About Change

It's All About Change from Planning to Success   Strategic planning may be the toughest hurdle to conquer in the business world. Let’s face it, the day-to-day operations can be overwhelming enough and often really critical parts of the planning process are skipped over because of time constraints. Then, there is the sobering reality that most companies lack the mindset, the assets, and/or the appetite to devote to strategic planning. Since winning the #1 award as the Associate Business ... [Click Here]

Accountability is NOT a Four Letter Word

And it’s not rocket science either. But - and this might be a big “but” - it’s one more thing to do. It isn’t something that happens because you say “OK, from now on, everyone’s accountable!” It’s the result of planning and a little bit of discipline.   In my 29 years of working in or with corporate environments, I have rarely seen companies use their performance management system effectively. You might think it’s easier for smaller business owners to implement an effective system of ... [Click Here]

Succession Planning – Investing Today – For Tomorrow

Here is the business case for growing your own leaders. Top performing companies get that way by first mastering a disciplined approach to systems. They can stay that way by instituting a system of succession planning. Simply defined, succession planning is a systematic process to identify, assess and develop leadership talent for future organizational needs. We all know that development will occur naturally inside organizations. A well designed succession planning system will not only ... [Click Here]