A Matter of Trust: A blueprint to build a strategic alliance system

Marketers have always recognized the value of trust. It's used to sell everything from baby products to investment instruments. The word is even printed on our currency. But trust is in short supply today, and Americans have become burned out on the concept. In the wake of scandals such as Enron and Lehman Brothers, trust has generally come to be perceived as a nostalgic concept. Modern taglines that employ the word do so at their own peril. When, for example, CNN calls itself “the most trusted ... [Click Here]

Generating New Leads – You Are Your Message

The eight marketing fundamentals for greater profits In every industry, and given identical market conditions, there are always 10% of companies that seem to substantially outperform their competition. Ever wonder what they know that you don’t? Every business, regardless of size, has to be able to land new clients and deliver its product or service. Whether you offer engineering, financial planning, accounting, legal work, insurance or interior design, you sell service, first and foremost. ... [Click Here]

Mom’s Advice Works in Sales, Too: Never Talk to Strangers

In sales, success is measured largely by how well you master the art and science of knowing who is in your referral network and who is in your connector network. What’s the difference? Your referrals network is composed of the 100 people who you and each person in your network knows. These 100 people know you and know what products and services you provide. They actually understand how to talk about you and your company. In contrast, you have a set of cheerleaders we can call your ... [Click Here]