Just imagine an entire sales force of rainmakers Ever wonder how some companies seem to always outperform everyone else? The good news is any business can learn to do what they do – it all boils down to a simple distinction. It's not uncommon for me to find that people often confuse marketing and sales. Horse before the cart Imagine a giant funnel filled with little arrows pointing down toward the narrow part. Each of the arrows represents a marketing strategy designed to create leads ... [Click Here]

An Important Announcement for Sales Managers with Large Territories

“Finally a solution that works” The solution of how to manage big territories centers around the word “communication”. To keep the formula simple, let me describe it as your ability to reduce stress and improve the performance of your region will be based on your ability to communicate up the corporate ladder and down the food chain to sales representative in many states. First let me share with you the opportunity to improve your personal deliverables as a sales executive. In most larger ... [Click Here]

Sales…Manage your Time / Manage your Wallet

Churchgoers often experience a common phenomenon. Any given Sunday, there will be some in the pews thinking this sermon was written for me. In late July, my wife, daughter and I were sitting in church and the preacher started by referencing the day’s topic: “But, I don’t have time.” At this point, I was more than slightly curious how he planned to relate the subject of TIME to church or the bible. Sure enough he opened by asking the large audience, “How many of you never seem to have enough ... [Click Here]