Ten Principles to Handling Objections

“If You Don’t Know How To Close, You Don’t Know How To Sell” Don’t you just love objections? Funny question, maybe, but I’m serious. TV courtroom dramas love to frame the objection as a total derailment of an attorney’s case. But that’s television, and we’re talking sales anyway. In sales, an objection is a gift. It’s not a rejection, but a request for more information. It means you have an opportunity to shine, whereas a rejection would mean you lost the sale without ever knowing why. An ... [Click Here]

SALES…Closing Deals is an Awful Lot Like Dating

Do you date your clients? If this question induces a gasp, well, at least I’ve got your attention. And I’m not accusing you of anything untoward. However, I’d like to suggest that selling in today’s marketplace is a lot like dating. Think about it. When you meet a prospect, isn’t that pretty similar to the beginning of a blind date? From the moment of the initial introduction, a lot of mental gymnastics are going on. As a salesperson, you’re evaluating whether the prospect can even afford ... [Click Here]

Script Your Success – Close More Deals

Bringing up the topic of sales scripts is one sure way to induce an eye-rolling from a great number of professionals. They have their reasons: they may feel scripts are inflexible or at odds with a more spontaneous communication style. Perhaps they fear becoming dependent on a sheet of paper. Or maybe it induces flashbacks to a college summer telemarketing job selling subscriptions in a newspaper’s dungeon-like basement office. It doesn’t have to be that way. More importantly, as part of an ... [Click Here]