Articles by John Lankford

Strategic Planning: C-Suite Interview with Chris Lamphear, President, LL Custom Contracting

Question to ponder: How high are your standards? Every industry has a #1 leader, but why are they more successful than your business? One common answer is that they plan better and execute more consistently. Over 90% of entrepreneurs do not have a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. Learn from a CEO who is building a business that will operate without him. LL Custom Contracting is one of the fastest-growing home improvement businesses in Southeastern Michigan. Why did you decide to develop ... [Click Here]

Strategic Planning for Change

The sober reality is that most companies lack the mindset, the assets, and/or the appetite to devote to strategic planning. Since winning the #1 award as the Associate Business Advisor of the Year, I am often asked, “What do successful businesses have in common?” The answer starts with a commitment to evaluation/planning. Changing your results is predicated on strategic planning, operational planning, and performance management planning. Strategic planning is the roadmap to the future. It ... [Click Here]

A Structured Approach to Assessing the Talent, Collaboration and Execution of your Executive Team

What single most important leadership quality are you missing on your executive team? And what if you don’t know the answer? The Business Case is Clear An organization will never outperform its leadership team. How talented is your executive team? You need powerful diagnostics to prove it. With the proper tools and expert interpretation, you will discover the potential of your team and identify specific development as needed. Think of it as an executive MRI. Does your executive team ... [Click Here]