Script Your Success – Close More Deals

Bringing up the topic of sales scripts is one sure way to induce an eye-rolling from a great number of professionals. They have their reasons: they may feel scripts are inflexible or at odds with a more spontaneous communication style. Perhaps they fear becoming dependent on a sheet of paper. Or maybe it induces flashbacks to a college summer telemarketing job selling subscriptions in a newspaper’s dungeon-like basement office. It doesn’t have to be that way. More importantly, as part of an ... [Click Here]

Convert More Leads to Customers by 10%-20% ….. I Guarantee It

A talented sales force, an excellent product line and strong market demand would seem like a foolproof proposition for any company. Even with those lucky stars aligning (and how rare is that, anyway?), your bottom line will only be as robust as your organization’s dedication to a clearly defined sales system. In our recent research project surveying more than 33,000 sales executives, 53.6 percent of respondents said they are either neutral or dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their ... [Click Here]

18 Ways to Double Your Referral System in Less than 120 Days

Word-of-mouth marketing, or getting referrals, is the most powerful way for 90 percent of business owners and sales teams to generate new leads. It’s also the most cost-effective, considering this is a purely unpaid form of promotion. Despite the fact that it’s an absolute win-win situation, and just about everyone counts on referrals, most do not have a documented referral system. That’s what I refer to as shooting one’s self in the foot, and I’d like to save you from that all-too-common fate. ... [Click Here]

How to Qualify Your Prospect

Top-performing sales professionals stand out for more than their numbers. They sell differently from their peers – that’s true. But they also do a lot of other things differently. They think, plan, manage their day and qualify prospects differently. If there’s one thing you can learn from those top performers that will improve your own record, it’s the process of qualifying a prospect. But why bother? The following list should help you understand why it’s critically important. Twelve ... [Click Here]