Your Career Fulfillment is Based on Your Happiness

On average, we have a lot more fun and get a lot more done on the day before we go on vacation. In November of 2010, a New York Times article cited a recent study by Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert and Mathew Killingsworth. They used an iPhone app to contact some 2,200 people and ask how they were feeling at that moment. Putting the sex part of the answers aside, the 50 percent who answered that they were focused reported significantly higher levels of happiness than the 50 percent of those who were not.

You really should read more. I ran across this by article reading. You say you don’t have that much extra time to devote to reading? If you were to focus your reading to help you learn from others and be happier, would that help you approach reading with a different mindset? Think about it as a way to help you benchmark what really successful people do to create great wealth and happiness.

Is it really that big of a stretch for you to be willing to learn from “the best?” What would it be worth to you, your family, your health, your team at work, and your bank account if you were operating at 100% of what you are really good at? What if your mindset every day was just like the “day before vacation”?

Conduct a brief assessment to help you be more happy and advance your career. Write down the answers to:

  1. What am I really good at?
  2. If I could have the perfect job, what are my top two choices?
  3. What are my top three strengths?
  4. Do I have the right friends in my life?
  5. What adjustments do I need to make to have great life balance in my family, health and spiritual well being?
  6. What activities would I add in my life to be more happy?
  7. What should I read or listen to daily to help me stay focused on having the right mindset?
  8. What new goals would I set?

Back to reading – I would suggest you immediately buy and read the book “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor. This is the best book I have read on happiness to date. It is filled with research that proves that being happy will fuel your success, not the other way around. Isn’t that a trap we often fall into, thinking I could be happy if only ____? It’s called a trap for a reason. Turn the tides on your success. Invest in your happiness, work like you’re about to leave on a vacation, spend some time on your reading.

John Lankford

John Lankford was recognized as the 2007-2010 Associate Business Advisor of the Year in North America and brings proven executive experience and best practices to select companies every year. He served 18 years at the Executive Education Center at Ford Motor Company and is former Senior Director of Ascension Health Learning Institute. John has developed top leaders around the world in partnership with the University of Michigan Business School, the Center for Creative Leadership, Comcast University and GE University, to name a few. His business expertise has been tapped by prominent business media such as the New York Times, CBS and Dbusiness magazine and has been a syndicated business columnist. He is the author of The Answer is Leadership and Superstar for life…Career Transitions. John’s keynote speaking has landed him on the elite team that trains and certifies the new Executive Coaches joining the worldwide coaching community. John is also former Chief Executive Officer of the Innisbrook Leadership Institute. Lankford can be reached at [email protected] or call (888) 730-1950

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