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Are you running your business with real data? It may seem like an obvious question, but our experience often proves otherwise. Top-performing companies, however, earn that title partly because they can answer yes. Regardless of size or global geography, they consistently conduct an annual survey to solicit feedback from their workforce about what it is like to work for them. How valuable would it be for your executive team to understand which leadership behaviors are impacting employee morale? Our organizational assessment provides data for powerful team discussions.

There are dozens of national studies that have validated the bottom-line value of creating a culture of high levels of employee engagement. Engagement surveys can provide managers and executives an in-depth look inside the company. The feedback from our survey process consistently reveals facts about people, the company’s culture and the leaders that create that environment.

Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO, famously identified employee engagement as the top metric determining a company’s success (he designated customer satisfaction and healthy cash flow second and third).
When your workforce is engaged, people work harder and with more passion and quality. Companies that use our engagement survey system witness their customers’ experience become significantly more pleasurable, which translates into loyal customers who tell people about their positive experience.

True engagement reflects a leadership value that mirrors your organization’s values and ethics. An organization is always a reflection of its leadership.
If your organization is prepared to have a serious conversation about how to adopt a powerful engagement survey system, contact us today. Our systematic approach includes the training and facilitation needed to design action plans based on the survey data.

Your executive team will be very pleased to have data that reveals how loyal your employees are and how likely they are to go the extra mile every day. Repeat the process annually and your efforts will become ingrained into a culture of process improvement, and provide your company a distinct advantage over your competition.