Who Should Be Running Your Company?

The three systems that can change your company’s future By: John Lankford   We all know that hindsight is 20/20. Every executive can easily spot errors or omissions when looking at situations in hindsight. But think about it. Shouldn’t foresight be 20/20 also? In a word, yes, it should be. Imagine the possibilities, and success, if executives used foresight on an ongoing basis in all aspects of their leadership and selection decision-making. Instead it appears to be the opposite with a ... [Click Here]

Developing Your Leadership Talent

Making Leadership Development an Organizational Priority “The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle”-Peter Drucker You have to spend money to make money, as the old saying goes. It’s an expression with staying power because it’s true. Capital is key – everyone knows that. But isn’t your human capital  just as important? Just as a stagnant cash flow situation can grind any business to a halt, think about what would happen if you fail to provide leadership development opportunities ... [Click Here]

Are Leaders Made or Born That Way?

The answer is YES. Okay now that may seem a bit confusing, but let me explain. Are some leaders born with more interpersonal skills and better communication skills than others- the answer is yes. In addition to possessing some leadership traits or competencies that make it potentially easier for some people in leadership positions to significantly enhance the leadership talents-yes development is very possible. So when the task at hand is to develop someone or a team of leaders, yes is it ... [Click Here]