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Executive Coaching

“An organization will never outperform its leadership talent.” Does your organization have really effective data to identify which leadership competencies are holding back certain individuals for reaching their potential? And, do you have a plan and process that will actually lead to the performance improvement necessary for their success?

What could be more valuable than cultivating your current executive team and or select “high potential” future executives? Most of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are investing strategically in the development of select members of their senior leadership team to achieve excellence.

According to Daniel Goleman, one of the frequent derailers of top executives is lack of impulse control. It is not uncommon for an executive to lack honest feedback about a leadership behavior that may indeed be limiting his/her ability to advance their career. Most executives find it extremely valuable to have a strategic relationship with an outside coach to confide in and work on their emotional intelligence and ultimately their leadership influence.

Key words when describing executive coaching are potential and sustainable results. Executive Coaching is often described as a partnership that helps senior leaders deliver on key organizational priorities faster and more effectively.

Our experienced, certified executive coaches are former executives, with years of senior level experience, excellent interpersonal skills, and an acumen toward results and candor. Accelerated personal development and performance are our priority.

It’s true – “an organization will never outperform its leadership talent.”

Succession Planning

Top performing companies get that way by first mastering a disciplined approach to systems. Succession planning is often a process that fails to be instituted in a systematic way. We can show you how to identify, assess and develop leadership talent for future organizational needs.

From our team’s years in senior-level management, we understand succession planning can only deliver real results when instituted from the top down. We will help you perform a complete review of your internal candidates and your entire management team. It is all too common a mistake to only include executives in the succession planning process. A smarter system prepares front-line managers to someday be strongly considered for a director level position.

Many companies don’t understand how to link their succession planning to their compensation systems. Many more don’t realize that tying development into employee’s performance reviews will greatly ensure accountability that is critical to success. When leaders are held accountable for the development of direct reports, measurement and commitment significantly increase.
Succession planning offers greater stability in an organization’s culture and performance. Key executives know where they stand, critical vacancies are effectively forecast, and the development of talent is aligned to future growth plans.

Is your talent management strategy ready for the next five years?

Developing Future Leaders

Top performers are made, not born. When you hire new people, you recognize some mixture of raw talent, experience and willingness. So you invest in the time and expense to train them to do their job, for which you pay them. Then what?

Look around at your team. Can you pick out several individuals who have the potential for top performance even at least two levels higher? By identifying and developing advanced leadership talent, you firm up not only employee loyalty and engagement, but the bottom line, as well.

We provide organizations with a systemic, customized process to do just that. Picture a leadership “pipeline,” where qualified front-line employees are prepared and trained to take on a front-line management role within a designated time period. From there, you have a system in place to develop them further to serve in a manager- or director-level position, and so on up the ladder to the executive suites. We will provide feedback on how those employees progress with their individual development plans and help you create accountability systems tied into compensation.

Aside from the effect a leadership pipeline will have on your revenues and profits, it is a great retention tool. Top leaders are also eager to join organizations that invest in systems to develop leaders at all levels.

Executive Assessment

How Executive Teams Benefit From Assessing Their People

Today more than ever, Executive Teams and Boards need to run on all cylinders, being more resourceful, creative, interactive, high powered, disciplined, compliant and effective than ever before. However, most teams aren’t quite that good and the chances are that your Executive Team will benefit from Objective Management Group’s insightful assessments.

Key Management Dynamics Assessment: We look at the leaders on your Executive Team and assess them in two areas. First, we look at 9 Leadership Styles. These Styles are not teachable, learnable styles as much as how each member is hard-wired. We help you establish a balance on your Executive Team or Board by making sure you have all 9 styles covered and letting you know who should take the lead on various topics. If there are important Styles missing from your Team, then you can make appointments so that your Team is balanced and working efficiently. Then we look at each Executive in 17 important Leadership Qualities. Most of the Qualities can be taught and learned so we point out the areas in which each Executive could further develop their Qualities.

Time Required: Each Executive must answer approximately 100 questions, online, requiring approximately 45 minutes.

Deliverable: Each Executive will receive a copy of their assessments and the CEO or Director will receive a Key Management Dynamics Overview, showing both the Team’s Distribution of Styles as well as each Executive’s Qualities. In addition we provide suggestions so as to get the most out of your Executive Team.

Unique: You’ll find our approach to a balanced Executive Team unique. We also represent each Style and Quality with 2 famous individuals from sports, business or history, so your Executives will better understand the Styles and Qualities relative to who they most resemble.

Accuracy: As with all assessments from Objective Management Group, they are not based on personality, behavioral styles or psychology so you will find them contextually meaningful, accurate and profound.

Sample Key Management Dynamics Assessment
Sample Key Management Dynamics Overview

Leader/Manager Assessment

These assessments are specific to the leaders and senior managers on executive teams and boards. They look at your existing management to determine how to best utilize their hard-wired styles and where they can benefit from development in 16 important leadership qualities. Personality and behavioral styles assessments, ask questions in a social context, and the findings are accurate and predictive only in social contexts. This assessment was designed and built for the executive team. It wasn’t adapted from a generic assessment. As a result, our findings are specific to the board room, accurate and predictive and they provide a great road map for any leader seeking improvement in the board room.

Leadership Assessment

Our nationally recognized assessment for various levels of leaders measures how well an individual fits specific management roles / jobs in your organization. The “job matching” feature of the assessment is unique, enabling you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform in a specific job. It is used throughout the employee life cycle for selection, on-boarding, managing, and strategic leadership development and or succession planning. If your organization requires leaders to execute at a high level, our suite of assessment tools can provide tremendous insight as to if you have the right leaders in the right roles, ultimately it is about organizational leadership capability.

Managers will also receive important benchmark information about how they compare to other leaders across the country. Their individual reports will provide great personal insights to help develop and coach leaders throughout the organization. Leveraging strengths of individual leaders, becomes critical to individual and team performance at all levels of a company.

Any groups of leaders being assessed will also provide great data for specific training and coaching needs of individuals and of the company.

Customized Management Training

Every leadership workshop we deliver is customized, administered in full partnership with our client organizations, and informed by more than 30 years of real-life management experience. We bring a toolbox of individual and organizational assessments that produce an unparalleled level of effective and targeted training.
Knowledge is power, when combined with meaningful action. Linking our classroom activities to your individual and team performance expectations is a powerful investment in your success. We will help you directly align the training to tangible and measurable business outcomes.
Whether the workshop is two hours, a half day, or a full day, leaders gain real-world insights into improving their performance, supported by management training professionals with a proven track record for success.