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Can You Improve Your Existing Sales Force?

Our sales assessments provide growing companies with the timeliest and most accurate insights for growing sales, profits and market share. We look at your people, strategies and systems and can tell you whether your people can actually execute the company’s strategies, meet your expectations and belong in the roles they are in. You’ll learn which of your existing salespeople could be performing two, three or even four times better. You’ll discover what you must do in order to help those people achieve their potential. You’ll understand which of your people won’t ever perform any better than they do right now and why. We analyze your pipeline for quality and quantity and report on the effectiveness of sales management. Where do you want to go?

As Jim Collins, author of the business best-seller “Good To Great” says, “If you want to be a good-to-great company, you have to first put the right people on the bus, get the wrong people off the bus and get the right people into the right seats. Then you can drive the bus anywhere.”

About Your Sales Organization

The analysis is the single most important collection of information about your company’s sales organization. The analysis looks at the people, systems and strategies in your sales organization. It sheds light on potential problems with your hiring criteria, the quality of your pipeline, the effectiveness of your sales management efforts, whether your management team is on the same page, whether your salespeople are capable of executing your strategies, how comfortable your salespeople are with your model for going to market, and business being lost as a result of weaknesses among your salespeople. In addition, it identifies the salespeople who should be performing better and what you must do in order to help them reach their potential. You’ll also learn who is trainable, how much training they’ll need and the kind of help from which each will benefit. And if you are attempting to transition your company from good to great, you’ll learn which of your existing people should be on the bus, which seats they should be in and who should be off the bus.

We also provide similar information for Professional Service Firms where we help firms identify those who are suitable for spending some of their time in new business development, those who may be future rainmakers and those who should not be asked to ever participate in business development.

Warning: There are many new, unproven assessments that claim to be sales assessments, “the best”, or other superlatives. We pioneered this industry in 1989 and have continued to enhance and improve our offerings. Don’t settle for claims. Look at the history. We have assessed 500,000 salespeople and evaluated more than 8,500 sales forces since 1990. Our accuracy is legendary. Our insights are unique.

Assessments – Sales Management

Our sales management specific assessments look at your existing sales managers in the context of your business, market and challenges and identify the sales management strengths and weaknesses, skills and challenges that each sales manager has. Personality and behavioral styles assessments, ask questions in a social context, and the findings are accurate and predictive only in social contexts. Our assessments were designed and built for sales management. They weren’t adapted from a generic assessment. As a result, our findings are specific to sales management, accurate and predictive, and they provide a great road map for any sales manager seeking improvement.

Assessments – Sales Directors/VP’s

These assessments are specific to the two senior sales leadership positions, VP Sales and Sales Director. They look at your existing sales leaders in the context of your business, market and challenges and identify the sales leadership tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, skills and challenges that each sales leader has. Personality and behavioral styles assessments, ask questions in a social context, and the findings are accurate and predictive only in social contexts. Our assessment was designed and built for sales leadership. It wasn’t adapted from a generic assessment. As a result, our findings are specific to sales leadership, accurate and predictive and they provide a great road map for any sales leader seeking improvement.


Hiring for Sales or Business Development?

Check out our Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR). A lot of people can sell, but which ones actually WILL sell?

Candidates fall into one of four categories which are outlined the in the table below:


How do you know which will show up in 90 days?

Consider a few facts:

  • 90% of all hiring decisions are made from the interview.
  • Traditional interviewing is only 14% accurate.
  • More than 30 million people have secured a job by lying on their resumes.
  • The cost of Hiring Mistakes is 3 times the annual compensation.

The Traditional Model for hiring Sales is Broken. Salespeople are a different breed. Think about it, if you hire someone in any of your other departments they will generally work out well. Traditionally, you hire someone who has similar experience and talent. You introduce them to their team, give them your expectations and they go through some orientation period. In a short period of time they become part of the organization.

Salespeople are different! Imagine hiring someone like we describe above and then having the rest of the team treat them like an outcast, with no cooperation, getting misleading information, or worse, no information to be able to complete the projects while facing rejection eight out of ten times. Always competing for resources, opportunities, with their coworkers- having to constantly look over their shoulder, and that is just how sales people are treated internally within their company. We’re all familiar with how they are treated on the outside. How long would it take for that employee to be productive?

Let’s face it, unless you interview every day, salespeople looking for a job are better at interviewing than you are. They make good first impressions. They have been coached like a witness.

Our STAR program will quickly build a pool of qualified candidates, streamline and automate the screening process, decipher the B.S. from resumes, shorten and improve your hiring process with 96% proven success. In short, STAR will tell you who WILL SELL and help you to hire the stronger candidates faster and with greater confidence.

Business Development Services


Let’s face it, the lifeblood of any business is its customers. The question that many of our clients want answered is, “How do I get more customers?”
Let us help you engineer a business development plan that can not only answer this question but help you establish a competitive advantage and market leadership.

Contrary to what many believe, your competitive advantage is not in your product, price, quality or selection. It’s in the WOW experience that every prospect or customer has whenever they connect with anyone in your organization. This is the type of brand that we want to help you build.

We will work with you on everything from your unique selling proposition, value propositions, marketing strategies, and measurement systems to ensure that your marketing communicates the WOW that separates you from the sea of competition.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Business Development Coaching and Training can help you GET MORE CUSTOMERS!


If business development is your priority, then clearly you need “hunters” on your team. According to Dave Kurlan and more than 500,000 assessments of salespeople, 3 out of 4 sales and business development hires are duds. While the statistics are discouraging, the opportunities are exciting when you know what to do about it!

Our approach to coaching individuals and teams responsible for executing their plan to develop new leads is direct and results-oriented. In most company’s we conduct an assessment to understand the team’s capability to be a high performing business development team. Our assessment process provides an in depth look at where specific coaching is needed and if we you have the right talent to help your company hit its financial targets.

We approach all business development coaching opportunities with a focus on improving a planned approached to developing new prospects and leads. We will help you craft a plan that systematically and compellingly gets the attention of your target market, creates interest and desire, and most importantly, action. We’ll also ensure that your entire team is in sync with this important messaging and can communicate it with confidence.

Once the plan is designed and aligned with the company profile, strategy and measurable goals, our approach shifts to the execution of the planned activities that produce new prospects and leads. Frequently the real issue lies in the faulty or inconsistent execution of a plan. Subsequently, are focus shifts to the underlying weaknesses that are sabotaging the strengths of the business development team. We can tell you where they are, what they are, and most importantly, help you do something about it!

The, tools, systems and accountability are customized for each person.

Let our business development coaching help you beat the competition with the right talent, the right messages, the right resources and the right action plan.


Every business development workshop we deliver is customized, administered in full partnership with our client organizations, and facilitated by our staff, that have decades of real-life business development and award winning experience. We bring sales and business development tools and real hands on training that provide your staff the skills and systems to be successful.

Knowledge is power, when combined with meaningful action. Linking our classroom business development skills and learning’s to individual’s measurable new business targets are a powerful combination when aligned to your individual and team performance expectations. We will help you directly align the training to tangible and measurable business development outcomes.

Whether the workshop is two hours, a half day, or a full day, sales and business development staff gain real-world insights into improving their performance, designed and delivered by training professionals with a proven track record for success.