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19611297_sBringing up the topic of sales scripts is one sure way to induce an eye-rolling from a great number of professionals. They have their reasons: they may feel scripts are inflexible or at odds with a more spontaneous communication style. Perhaps they fear becoming dependent on a sheet of paper. Or maybe it induces flashbacks to a college summer telemarketing job selling subscriptions in a newspaper’s dungeon-like basement office.

It doesn’t have to be that way. More importantly, as part of an integrated strategy capitalizing on a systematized communication approach, scripts can improve your conversion rate by 10 to 20 percent.

The writing’s on the wall

The scripts do not – and should not – make the communication process mechanical in any way. It is critically important that you customize each script to reflect the person you are communicating with. It also needs to reflect your unique tone and communication style. Spend some quality time with your scripts. Make sure each one sounds like how you talk.

You will never be reading the script, but it will serve as a roadmap to help you be substantially better prepared. I would encourage you to have the script lying out on your desk, while you talk on the phone or before you send that email. I have even seen some sales professionals use it effectively laying on their desk during a sales meeting.

Six steps to more sales

My six-step communication system is guaranteed to help you covert more prospects into clients. It starts with your willingness to treat the sales process as a system, and to be more intentional with every step of that system. Every step where communication occurs, in any format, has a specific script associated with it.

These are the six points you will use to better understand the process, and learn to develop scripts that suit your personality, your target audience and your sales goals:

  1. Who is this script targeted at?
  2. Background/preparation- what homework must I do before the call?
  3. Purpose / outcomes
  4. Opening 40 seconds
  5. Body of the call or meeting
  6. Close / next steps

The use of this system should be used for every email, every phone call, every meeting, every mailed document! The process represents skills that will be honed each and every time you realize an opportunity for communication with a prospect. Rather than a crutch or a habit, it will help you approach your sales system with greater mindfulness and confidence. After all, preparation, intentionality and purpose are the three keys to effective sales conversations.

Scripts help you move the prospect forward to the next step in your sales system. Likewise, they help you prepare for and secure those important communication opportunities. Your scripts will serve as a great template to facilitate powerful conversations and move people through your sales pipeline with intentionality. Your coach can help you make sure each script really works for you.

Are you in the top 5 percent of your company’s sales team? Use scripts, and you could be on your way to getting there. Once you are, I suspect you’ll want to continue using them.


John Lankford

John Lankford was recognized as the 2007-2010 Associate Business Advisor of the Year in North America and brings proven executive experience and best practices to select companies every year. He served 18 years at the Executive Education Center at Ford Motor Company and is former Senior Director of Ascension Health Learning Institute. John has developed top leaders around the world in partnership with the University of Michigan Business School, the Center for Creative Leadership, Comcast University and GE University, to name a few.

His business expertise has been tapped by prominent business media such as the New York Times, CBS and Dbusiness magazine and has been a syndicated business columnist. He is the author of The Answer is Leadership and Superstar for life…Career Transitions. John’s keynote speaking has landed him on the elite team that trains and certifies the new Executive Coaches joining the worldwide coaching community. John is also former Chief Executive Officer of the Innisbrook Leadership Institute.

Lankford can be reached at [email protected] or call (888) 730-1950

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