Family Business Succession: Interview with John Parmentier, President of Paragon Laboratories

Family businesses comprise 80%-90% of businesses in the US. More than 70% of these businesses are going to “change hands." Are you going out on your terms? This insightful interview with a 37 year old son, who is now President of his family owned business will share with you his lessons learned in succession planning. Briefly describe the services your company provide. I am the owner and President of Paragon Laboratories, Inc., a contract laboratory that specializes in the physical, ... [Click Here]

Who Should Be Running Your Company?

The three systems that can change your company’s future By: John Lankford   We all know that hindsight is 20/20. Every executive can easily spot errors or omissions when looking at situations in hindsight. But think about it. Shouldn’t foresight be 20/20 also? In a word, yes, it should be. Imagine the possibilities, and success, if executives used foresight on an ongoing basis in all aspects of their leadership and selection decision-making. Instead it appears to be the opposite with a ... [Click Here]

Succession Planning – Investing Today – For Tomorrow

Here is the business case for growing your own leaders. Top performing companies get that way by first mastering a disciplined approach to systems. They can stay that way by instituting a system of succession planning. Simply defined, succession planning is a systematic process to identify, assess and develop leadership talent for future organizational needs. We all know that development will occur naturally inside organizations. A well designed succession planning system will not only ... [Click Here]